Santa's Wish List: Sponsor a Child 2023

Register to sponsor a child this holiday season.

Important: Court Appointed Advocates wishing to sponsor specific children

Children are matched with sponsors as they are registered. If you wish to sponsor specific children on your case, please go back and register both your child wish list and your sponsorship using the child invitation link provided by your AC. If you cannot reach your AC or have already registered your children without indicating sponsorship, enter their names in the form below and we will match you if possible. Please contact your AC if you need the child's invitation link or registration confirmation id.

Sponsorship Type
Children to Sponsor
Please estimate ~$125 per child sponsored.
Primary Contact Details
Court Appointed Advocates
If you are an active CAA wishing to sponsor a specific child and you did not link yourself to your child's registration, please enter their name along with any additional information you have (ie their child registration confirmation id or child invitation id).